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Campaign Management

Omni-Channel Campaign Experiences.

JuicySuite connects data across channels, personalise experiences from a single platform.

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Retain customers with automated earning rules.

An easy to use, all-in-one platform packed with campaign and CRM tools.

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Cross-Channel Campaign

Engage users across mobile, web, and the in-app experience.

Gamification Campaigns

Modify campaign mechanics with flexible rules.

Member visibility

You can track you customer behaviour and order record in real time.

Automate triggers

Automate campaigns and setting, spend more time on strategies.

Successful Case


Retain customers by amazing O2O experience.

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Build refreshing experiences for your customers with a robust rules engine.

Integration Friendly.

Are you familiar with any of these icons?

If so, you need not worry because we can integrate with all of them and more!

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