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Digital Membership Card

There is no need for an app. Your membership cards can now be stored in your e-wallets.

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Want to reward loyal customers.

Because… 75% of customers find themselves more likely to make another purchase at businesses with a reward program.

Are looking for a simple CRM.

91% of companies with more than 11 employees are currently using a CRM software. If you are still not one of them, you know what to do!

Have a limited budget.

We now offer a FREE TRIAL with a limited quota so contact us now to make sure you get it!

Have it however you want.

Hello, _____!

Get to know your customers – their personal information, their preferences and their loyalty status – with a unique QR code.

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You currently have 50 points.

A membership card with points that update real-time so that customers always know their progress.

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Congrats, you are now our VIP!

Reward the most loyal with the best! Tiers are a great way to motivate customers to move forward in a membership program.

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