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CRM on Messenger!

Whatsapp, Messenger, IGdm, Signal and Telegram – I bet you’re on at least one of these on a daily basis. Now, imagine your membership can be on a Messenger…

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Guess what?

You can!

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Successful Case

Pizza Express Membership

You wanna get customers on-board yet it could be tough to get them to fill out registration forms. You want to guarantee a channel to connect with your customers. You aren’t sure if your customers are committed enough to download an app for your brand.

Our conversational membership is the answer! Your membership system can be Messenger-based.

How It Works
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Operation Portal

Add custom tags, view transaction history, manage campaigns in just a few clicks. Everything you’ll ever want to know about your customers will be shown in your dashboards in real-time!

Get business insights with JuicySuite.

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Messengers are frictionless touchpoints to build relationships.