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Elevate Your Marketing with Customer Segmentation and Automation

Defining {who} specifically is a good fit for your campaigns for a personalized experience.

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Diverse, Industry-Specific Templates

End to end set-up support

Your Automated Campaign is Just a Few Clicks Away

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Use Pre-Set Segments

These segments highlight the most loyal and those who you’ll soon be losing if you don’t do anything!

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Collect Digital Footprints

Track customer activity that is left behind on your digital channels for more business insights.

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Create Custom Segments

With segmentation rules, you can now target customers groups based on specific criteria even with no prior knowledge in coding.

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Launch Automated Campaigns

Select a target audience and your preferred digital channels – your campaign now runs itself!


Harnessing Data Streams

At JuicySuite, we bring flowing river of customer insights into a reality.

Our platform allows you to effortlessly tap into these data streams, uncovering the digital footprints left behind by your customers across various channels. It’s like having a compass that points directly to your customers’ needs, wants, and preferences.

More than just a tool, JuicySuite is your partner in shaping customer experiences. we offer a comprehensive system for logging customer activities, allowing you to collate both active and passive customer data in one place. This fusion of data streams empowers your marketing strategies, driving meaningful customer engagement and boosting your overall business performance.

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Understanding Customer Segmentation

It’s like sorting a mixed bag of precious stones into specific groups according to their characteristics – color, cut, clarity, and so on.

We offer Pre-Set Segments, which are an invaluable tool in highlighting your most loyal customers, as well as identifying those at risk of leaving. These pre-set segments are built upon our extensive industry expertise and incorporate popular, cost-effective business rules. They offer an easy starting point for those who are new to data analysis. An example of this is our RFM segmentation preset, which identifies groups of customers based on order recency, frequency, and monetary value.

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Leverage Market Automation

Your invisible marketing team that manage marketing endeavors and run versatile campaigns across multiple channels, all on autopilot.

For instance, our team could design an automated campaign to send emails to new customers. Instead of repeatedly bombarding them with messages, we ensure a more targeted and cost-effective approach, only resending to those who haven’t opened the last email. This approach is grounded in our deep understanding of industry best practices.

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