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Virtual blessing sent via Messenger

e-Gift Card and e-Voucher

Don’t know what to get for someone? Gift cards are always the go-to solution and are known to be the most ideal gift! That’s why the gift card market is worth $307 billion globally.

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Step 1


Purchase credits on merchant website. Receive confirmation message via Whatsapp upon successful purchase.


Step 2


Send a Whatsapp message to your friend to let them know you’ve chosen a gift for them!


Step 3


Choose your desired products and services at stores. Present your e-gift card link to staff to use them.

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Your gift cards can go online now!

  • Customise e-gift cards and e-vouchers for your brand.
  • Multiple online payment methods supported, including PayPal and Stripe.
  • Send e-gift cards and e-vouchers via Whatsapp instantly.

Design your own e-gift card

Easy Gift Giving on WhatsApp

  • Automatically triggered message with e-gift cards and e-vouchers after purchase.
  • Customize your message for your customers. Allow them to add a bit of personal touch to their e-gift cards.
  • Unique link with every e-gift card and e-voucher for you to access more data.

… and a lot more!

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We’ve entered a digital era for good reasons.