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Domain Mall

Membership App

Spend at Domain Shopping Mall, upload receipts to and redeem exclusive rewards! With our character recognition engine, there is no need to go through the hassle of negotiation and integration. 😉

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Check it out!



Shop and dine anywhere at Domain Shopping Mall to earn points!


Download the Domain Shopping Mall app to become a member.

Data Migration

Your hard work won’t be in vain! Just migrate your existing member information.


This membership system is supported by our Core where the magic takes place.


Reward customers who have been loyal to your brand to make them feel important. Domain Mall sends birthday gifts to their members! 

Earn By Receipt (OCR)

Our CRM can be integrated with POS for a smoother online-to-offline customer experience.

Establish a touchpoint to engage customers.

Drive transactions at your mall without having to deal with POS.

Gather customer information for data analysis.

About the project
domain mall

Domain Shopping Mall has transactions over $35.2M+ in half a year!