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Pepper Lunch

Membership Mobile App

Pepper Lunch loyalty app is called Pepper Lunch Club. It allows you to earn Pepper Lunch point by upload receipts. You can also earn free rewards on Pepper Lunch Club every time you dine for a whole year. The app also lets you find the location of restaurant while you’re on the go.

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Everyone is down for free food. Collect points to get them on the house. 


Invite customers to complete specific tasks in order to receive privileges.


This membership system is supported by our Core where the magic takes place.


Reward customers who have been loyal to your brand to make them feel important. 


Allow loyal customers to advance to higher tiers and offer the best only to your VIPs. 

Lower churn rate through incentivizing
customers to keep going back. 

Offer personalized experience to each
customer according to his own preferences.

Boost Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) with
customers who are more loyal to your brand.

About the project
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HKD 1,000,000+


Pepper Lunch membership app can help the company to increase customer loyalty and retention. The app can provide a personalized experience for customers by offering exclusive deals and rewards. It can also help Pepper Lunch to collect valuable data about customer preferences and behaviors which can be used to improve the overall customer experience. The app can also help Pepper Lunch to streamline their operations by allowing customers to book tables and order food online.