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Preface Coffee & Wine

Digital Stamp Card

‘Each cup of Preface’s coffee is a data-informed decision’.

With our digital stamp card, Preface surely can make even more data-informed business decisions. 

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Check it out!



Collect stamps for a reward. Just like what we are used to except it’s cooler because it’s virtual.


Preface Coffee & Wine’s digital stamp card is e-wallet-based. Customers don’t need to download anything for it to work.


This membership system is supported by our Core where the magic takes place.


Reward customers who have been loyal to your brand to make them feel important. 

Stir up brand awareness
Swith a digital stamp card.

Reward loyal customers to
lower churn rate

Collect customer data to make
data-informed decisions

About the project
Coffee issued.

Preface Coffee & Wine’s ideas are pioneering, and so is their membership system. A digital stamp card that is stored in e-wallets! Hmmm, is this what 2022 could taste like for you?